• Eggs

    The Perfect Protein Food. The perfectly balanced protein food that supplements your food.

  • Feeds

    Chicken Feed

    From the modern feed mills and the best nutrient rich ingredients.

  • Chicken

    Eat Healthy. Stay Healthy.

    The Health of chicken largely lies on the quality of Feed.

  • Poultry


    Our stringent quality process is rather a commitment.

Markets & Exports

Based in the poultry capital of India, Namakkal

Rasi Foods has a strong domestic market presence spread across the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and others. We also have a whooping 15 Million Egg exports per month to Gulf, Africa and Afghanistan.

Layered Eggs

The Perfect Protein Food

perfectly balanced protein

Poultry Feeds

Chicken Feed

the best nutrient rich ingredients


Stringent Quality Process

Streamline to our success